For the more than 200 years history Odessa has survived many different periods. There were years of carefree well-being, and of course the bad times. And a lifebuoy for all residents of Odessa, of course, have always been unique Odessa’s women with their beauty, charm, with a purely Odessa spontaneity and originality, brighten our everyday gray men days with a variety of colors, sometimes not iridescent, but always memorable.
Famous women of Odessa is new and very unusual tour of Odessa. The uniqueness of this tour is that in the history of Odessa just a few historians researched a role of a woman. And in vain, because that role was not minor. The guests of our city will learn about the famous and not very famous but absolutely beautiful names of women who have left a bright trace in the history of Odessa: the first love of Vladimir Mayakovskiy - Mariya Denisova, and a faithful and devoted friend of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko - Varvara Repnina and a muse of genius Alexander Pushkin - Amaliya Riznich; also Carolina Sobanskaya, Elizabeth Vorontsova, and first love of Alexander Blok - Kseniya Sadovskaya and a wife of Vladimir Nabokov - Vera Slonim. ..

Some women also left a mark in a criminal history of the city. Bright brunette Sonya - "golden hand" (the ancient name of pickpockets in Russia) won the hearts with her appearance. Being forced, she got married a son of a wealthy Odessa’s baker Ambotelo at 18 and was not a happy wife and a mother. But savvy enough and well-educated Sonya had never confused in her life. She found a way to earn a living by any ways, including her body, not to mention the theft and various scams. Her ally was her spectacular appearance. Using her charms, Sonya robbed wealthy clients. She toured Europe under the name of Russian noblewoman; using the knowledge of foreign languages she robbed the rich men.
Deeply respect their women the residents of Odessa immortalized them in the monuments.

They used to say that ‘a half of Odessa’s residents were sailing, and the other half were waiting for them, looking at sea.’ On September 2, 2002 Odessa sea port was decorated with another attraction - a monument to a Sailor’s wife, which is dedicated to all the wives of sailors who, with tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts escorted the warships of the Black Sea Fleet, who hopefully waited for the successful return of each ship home.
Those who visited the most popular market in Ukraine Privoz definitely saw a monument to another famous woman. Aunt Sonya is a legendary character of Odessa’s folklore, often called a collective image of the women of Odessa. Actually aunt Sonya is a prototype of Madame Storozhenko, the real resident of Odessa and the wife of a sailor. The sculptor created Aunt Sonya as a big woman of average height in a broad apron with a pocket and a big hat on her head. At her feet there is a fat cat, waiting for the fish.

During the tour, that lasts about 3 hours, walking through the streets of the city, you certainly pay attention to the modern Odessa’s girls. Feminine beauty of these ladies is amazing and inspiring; it makes men's hearts tremble. Their aesthetic appeal: pleasant facial features, proportional figures, healthy hair and teeth, soft skin, sex appeal - these innate qualities inherent in them genetically, they are based on many factors rooted in the long and interesting history of Odessa. That is why the Southern Palmyra is called as a city of brides and men from all over around the world are visiting local dating and marriage agencies with a hope to meet Odessa women of their dreams. But that is another story, and who knows, perhaps single foreign men will be interested in it.