The famous resort, the largest port in Ukraine, a cultural center and just incredibly beautiful city, and all that - Odessa. It is a city with a rich historical past, the city gave the world talented poets, musicians and artists. There is hardly a person who has not dreamed to visit to Odessa at least once. Odessa is the center of the Odessa region located in the Ukraine. The population of the city is 1,029,000 according to the latest census. Odessa was founded in 1794. Its the third largest Ukrainian city after Kiev and Kharkov. Odessa is the main industrial, cultural, scientific and tourist center in the Northern Black Sea. The population of the town is composed of Russians, Ukrainians and Jews. Odessa is a sunny city. The number of sunny days per year exceeds 290. Odessa as a major tourist center offers, numerous beaches, spas and wellness resorts
This is not surprising. Regardless of the season, everyone discovers something new. Rest in winter in Odessa offers the largest tourist attraction - the very Odessa. You can see old streets, museums, and the famous Odessa Opera House. In the summer the travelers can enjoy rest at the sea in Odessa. Organized beaches and infrastructure imply here willing to enjoy the warm sun rays.

Many people come to Odessa for summer holiday. The reason is that rest in Odessa can be good and inexpensive. The resorts, amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa are really great. Here you can just wander the streets, visit museums, art galleries, see the monuments or climb the Potemkin Stairs. If you like active holiday, then on the beach you can find water skis, roller coaster, parachute. On the beaches of Odessa you can meet many pretty ukraine girls and women< who are the most charming in the world. This means that a good vacation in Odessa is provided to you. Therefore, the flow of tourists coming to rest near the sea in Odessa is growing every year.

Odessans are proud of its unique architectural and cultural heritage. The city has many educational institutions among which the university of Odessa (founded 1865), the Medical University, Maritime Academy, Conservatory and other institutions of higher education, Odessa has such famous attractions like Opera and Ballet (1809), other educational establishments, museums and theaters.
Many famous people lived here at different times. Several generations of brilliant comedians, born and raised in Odessa during the last century, have earned a reputation as the capital city a special Russian-language humor. The old town is built in different architectural styles from Renaissance to Art Nouveau. On the street of Odessa you can walk in the afternoon or evening, enjoying the beauty of the architecture of ancient houses. Don't forget to enjoy the walk trough the Deribasovskaya Str. - the symbol of Odessa with many cafes and restaurants.