If you decide to get around without a guide in Odessa you will not know a 100th part of what this famous city is famous on the Black Sea. Stay on Deribasovskaya and visit Pushkinskaya and Lanzheronovskaya Streets, remember Ostap Bender, but you do not know who Sonya the "Golden Pen" is? Excuse me; it's not a real visit to Odessa.
If you plan to visit Odessa, we recommend that you always use the services of professional guides that offer the most popular tourist destinations:

Odessa Sightseeing : most popular excursions and tours

City tour of Odessa

We invite you to get acquainted with our city, beautiful Odessa. The city's background is bright and bold, it has a warm southern sun and the fresh winds pierce the city. Nowhere you can breathe free like here! The city's architecture is extraordinary; the Europeans say that each of the buildings in Odessa could reach the glory of any city in the world!
Duration - 2.5 hours

Secrets of the Odessa catacombs

Odessa catacombs is the longest in the world. By some estimates the length of intricate underground labyrinths under our city is about 2500 kilometers. They are longer than the catacombs of Paris and Rome several times over. Until now, there is no accurate map of the tunnels, the researchers argue that the mystery of the catacombs should remain and not be disclosed. Want to take part in this expedition?
Duration - 2.5 hours

Tour Palaces of Odessa

Odessa was built by the best architects of Europe. Today maybe it still stands as a wonderful open-air museum. You will see the Vorontsov Palace, the Palace of Baron Aristide Mass which was built in the middle of the 1st century by architect F. Morandi, the urban estate of an ancient kind of Tolstoy, Shah Palace, and Naryshkins-Potocki etc.
Duration - 2.5 hours

Temples of Odessa

Odessa from the very beginning of its existence was a multinational city. And accordingly it was also multi-religious. They say that now, under the stars, Odessa peacefully coexist with more than 100 denominations. During the tour you will visit an Orthodox Church, Catholic church, Muslim mosque, Jewish synagogue, and convent.
Duration - 2.5 hours

Criminal Odessa tour

In Odessa talented people have always lived. But their talents were not always noble. You will find out about Odessa bandits and swindlers on this tour. Sonya the Golden Pen, Mishka, Jap, Anatoly Betz, Benya Krik, the literary Ostap Bender, Carabas, and many others who have been written without interest in the history of Odessa.
Duration - 2.5 hours

Nemo Dolphinarium

Odessa Dolphinarium is a unique place. Here you can play with the dolphins, seals and white whales, and as in any other place we feel they belong to nature. We are the same elements of nature, like all living things! We strongly invite all of you to the show with sea lions, dolphins and white whales.
The trip 3 hours, the duration of the show - 1:00

Women in a History of Odessa

To the list of our excursions we added one more, completely unexpected at the first glance excursion. "Femmes fatales of Odessa" is a fascinating 3-hour city tour, where you will learn a lot about the role of women in the history of Odessa. Starting from the foundation of South Palmyra by Catherine the Great and up to nowadays it is impossible to imagine a life of Odessa without unique, wonderfully vivid female characters.

You have a great opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to feel the warm and pleasant sea breezes on the coast of South Palmyra. Welcome to Odessa!

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